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4 Things to Tell Your Real Estate Agent When Shopping for a House

4 Things to Tell Your Real Estate Agent When Shopping for a House Couch and Lamp in front of Window   4 Things to Tell Your Real Estate Agent When Shopping for a House

How exciting is this?! Shopping for a house is a major step no matter which phase of life you’re in. Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to upgrade or are empty nesters looking to downsize – there is a whole heck of a lot to look forward to! Though, believe us, we know there are nerves involved as well. 

That’s okay, We can help relieve some of the anxiety that comes with shopping for a new home. Below are five important things that you will want to share with your realtor when you begin your house-hunting quest that will help ease stress along the way.

  1. Your Honest Price Range

Now is the time for keeping it real. Knowing what you can afford goes beyond just getting a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter from a bank. You need to sit down and take a look at your finances and what you are comfortable spending. If a bank approves you for a million-dollar home purchase and you start looking at homes in that price range and fall in love with one only to realize later that the monthly principal, interest, insurance and property taxes is well outside your comfort zone there is nothing you’re realtor will be able to do to help ease the pain. On top of this we will be left to contend with “the one that got away” for the rest of the search, when it was not a true option to begin with. Set up a budget and ask your Realtor if there is anything you are forgetting to include, be as open as you can here! 

  1. Any Dealbreakers You Might Have

If you know that you need a large, fenced (or fence-able) backyard for your family’s dogs to have room to run, it will be pointless for you and your Realtor to get side tracked going to see a bunch of condos. Ditto for school districts in which you are determined to remain — or to land in. Everyone has some non-negotiable lines when shopping for homes, it is totally normal and expected and laying those cards out on the table initially saves you time and frustration later. Spend some time working on your Must Haves and Nice to Haves and, most importantly, compromises you are willing to make. 

  1. Where You Have Flexibility

Everybody has some, so fess up to yours! Is a fireplace mandatory — or could you do without (or add one later, perhaps?) Maybe you want a house in the city but could still live with a home three miles out in the ‘burbs. 

Keep in mind that amenities can frequently be added later if they truly are important to you and your family. Garages can be converted into mother-in-law suites and walls knocked down to create and open family room/kitchen. Your realtor is there to assist you  in envisioning all the possibilities that will help you build in equity and get you that much closer to your dream home.

  1. How Much Time You Have to Find a House

There is a big difference between a pair of empty-nesters leisurely contemplating downsizing to a townhouse within the next year or so and the young couple with three kids who are closing in six weeks on the home that they sold.

When there is a real sense of urgency, make sure that you communicate that clearly to your realtor. He or she can then be sure to pull out all the stops to get you into the home of your dreams.

Sharing Clear Information Equips Your Realtor to Help you the Best they Can

When you share the above information with your realtor, you allow that individual to do their best to find you a home that checks off as many of your boxes as possible. The worst thing that you can do is fail to be straightforward with your realtor. That only leads to miscommunication and the possibility of missing out on the deal of a lifetime! 

Thinking about relocating to the Boston area or the surrounding communities? Working with one of Coleman Group’s expert realtors can help clarify your options and narrow your search.

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