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Our goal is to keep you informed on happenings in the local Greater Boston real estate market. Here you will find relevant realtor resources and news items to allow you to dig confidently into the Massachusetts real estate scene. We also share relevant real estate market data, home tours, best practices when buying or selling a home, available properties, and community guides.

October 28 • Kenda Coleman

Check out Coleman Group Market Scoops to get the latest intel on what is happening in the real estate market and what we are seeing every week!

dessert 352475_1920
February 3 • Gloria Coleman

Wondering what to make your sweetie for Valentine's Day?! Here are 6 dessert recipes the Coleman ladies count on for holidays, special occasions, entertaining, and late nights.

Decoding The Selling Process
July 30 • Gloria Coleman

Once your home is ready for market, it is time to launch! Through private showings, broker tours, open houses, tailored social media and print collateral, the Coleman...

danielle macinnes IuLgi9PWETU unsplash (1)
October 14 • Kenda Coleman

You are starting your home search, that is so exciting and, we get it, it can be a bit daunting. We are here for you! Let's start by...

Finding a good agent
September 30 • Kenda Coleman

The real estate search can be super daunting. Buying a home is not just finding a place to live, but likely one of the biggest investments that you will ever make.

October 13 • Jessica Mullen

Check out Coleman Group Market Scoops to get the latest intel on what is happening in the real estate market and what we are seeing every week!

Coleman Award   FEED
October 20 • Gloria Coleman

Check out Coleman Group Market Scoops to get the latest intel on what is happening in the real estate market and what we are seeing every week!

October 7 • Charla Coleman

Check out Coleman Group Market Scoops to get the latest intel on what is happening in the real estate market and what we are seeing every week!

flavio amiel kg11HbuQ5nU unsplash
March 25 • Liesl Finn

It is tempting to think that writing what we call in the industry a “love letter” will pull at a seller’s heartstrings enough to win you a house.  The reality is...

Couch and Lamp in front of Window   4 Things to Tell Your Real Estate Agent When Shopping for a House
February 3 • Kenda Coleman

How exciting is this?! Shopping for a house is a major step no matter which phase of life you’re in. Whether you are a first time buyer...

Coleman Family   Shoot 2
February 17 • Kenda Coleman

The 2021 results are in and the Coleman Group had a record breaking year, selling over $109M in real estate! This year...

Coleman Family   Shoot 2
February 3 • Charla Coleman

Most home sellers want two things: top price and a quick, seamless sales process. However, most home sellers...

27 01 2021 13 50 17
April 1 • Abby Sullivan

There are few industries remaining today that have not seen a drastic change in the role that women play, and real estate is certainly not immune to these changes. Today, women dominate the residential real estate market...

Finding Agent
July 30 • Gloria Coleman

Finding a real estate agent to represent you is the most important decision you can make after deciding to sell your home. You need to find someone that....

Fair Housing Month
April 30 • Abby Sullivan

Every April, REALTORS® commemorate the passage of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 with events and education that shine a light on housing discrimination and segregation. Fair Housing Month signifies...

Stage It Up
July 30 • Gloria Coleman

When it comes to selling, first impressions are vital to maximize the value of your home. From de-cluttering and preparation to staging and professional photography...

scott webb 1ddol8rgUH8 unsplash
February 3 • Gloria Coleman

What are the most common home styles in the Greater Boston area you ask? Although real estate markets fluctuate with the times...

TheBasics SellersAgency
July 30 • Gloria Coleman

Many real estate agents don’t take the time to explain designated agency to their home sellers before they are asked to sign a contract. This is a very important aspect...

Decoding the Offer Process
September 30 • Kenda Coleman

Offers can be confusing. There are a lot of moving parts beyond price, and how attractive an offer ultimately looks can be very different based on whether or not you are in a competitive situation.

Help! What Am I Signing
September 30 • Kenda Coleman

As with any time you give out your autograph, it is important to understand what it is you are agreeing to!

What are these closing costs
September 30 • Kenda Coleman

“How much money do I need to bring to closing” and “What are closing costs?” These are two of the most common questions we get from buyers as we go from accepted offer through closing.

Purchase & Sale is signed
September 30 • Kenda Coleman

Holy Moly! You found a home, you went through all the steps and you signed the Purchase and Sale’s agreement and watched a heck of a lot of money leave your account. Now what???

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    Wishlist 1
    October 7 • Kenda Coleman

    Everyone starts their search with a wishlist that might look something like this: New Home Must Haves - Budget: $850,000

    How much house can I afford?
    October 8 • Kenda Coleman

    So, you are just starting the search process and you want to know how much you can spend on a home? Well, if you have a credit score over 740 the general rule of thumb is...

    How Long does the Average Homebuyer Search 1
    October 7 • Kenda Coleman

    Gosh, I get this question all the time. Usually, it is in the context of a buyer either feeling like they are taking too long to find a home, or as though they are rushing into something.