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Coleman Group Market Scoops – October 28th

Coleman Group Market Scoops – October 28th Bfarms

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TRICK OR TREAT???? This week was a real treat! The Open Houses on 19 Hastings in Lexington were very busy and seemed to have quite a bit of interest. Surprised that it is still available as it is in an amazing location and the quality of this home is second to none. More Open Houses planned at Hastings this weekend. The Open Houses at our listing in Arlington on Summer Street were crazy busy, we only had two offers! The winning offer was cash, no contingencies and this home closes in two weeks.

Excited for all the ghosts, goblins, princesses and pirates to visit our office in Lexington Center for some treats on Monday….it is always so much fun to see all the costumes. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Last weekend was all about inspections! I had buyers that were able to get a full home inspection contingency with an offer they made on a home in Carlisle last week, despite facing some competition at the offer deadline. The results of the inspection were very positive, but did uncover an important issue~ However, we were able to negotiate a credit from the sellers at closing to address it. This goes to show the value of a home inspection and negotiation of the results if you are able keep in this contingency. Still, with a number of listings receiving multiple offers at the deadline, this isn’t always possible. To prepare for this situation, I was out with another client on a pre-offer inspection in Melrose. Although it would have given us an upper hand in the bidding war, my clients ultimately decided not to move forward with an offer based on the information we gained~ this highlights how important it is to do a pre-inspection if you are planning to make an offer without a home inspection contingency. 


After being on the market for a few weeks we ended up getting 2 offers on 91 Capen and found our ‘right’ buyer. The market overall is still unpredictable though with homes I never expected to sell getting multiple offers, and other nice homes sticking around for another weekend. With the holidays fast approaching (yikes!) I expect the inventory to slow down further and meaningful barometers of the market will start to dwindle. 


Fall is in full swing so let’s talk curb appeal! Aside from making your home look nicer, curb appeal is a great way to attract buyers and entice them to give your home a second look. Unsure how to spruce up your exterior? Here are a few quick and easy ideas anyone can do: 

1) FALL CLEANUP! Autumn leaves are beautiful, but don’t forget to rake the fallen leaves and touch up any brown spots in your yard. You may not have to cut the grass as often, but don’t forget to pull any weeds and be sure to prune shrubs and trees, keeping dead branches from falling into your yard.

2) USE COLOR! Fall plantings and pots look great in any porch, entryway or walkway. Unsure what to get? Take a trip to your local nursery – they’ll be happy to help you pick something stunning that will work best for your climate and level of sunlight. Another great way to get a pop of color? Your front door! A decorative wreath is always a great way to bring a welcoming warmth into a home. 

3) SMALL UPDATES! It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get a little update – maybe a new mailbox or new house numbers is all it takes for your home or maybe you’ve got some great exterior lighting ideas and can swap out older fixtures. The world is your oyster!


There was a steady flow of foot traffic at the open houses I hosted last weekend.  My Medford seller ended up with a couple of strong contenders and we have an accepted offer!

In Arlington there was a couple of “turn key” homes on the market over the weekend in the <$800,000 price range that received a handful of offers each.  I think that people are eager to settle down before the holidays!


Temporary homes are almost as important as full-time ones and for the next two weeks, my temporary home floats! I’m lucky enough to be down in the sunny Eastern Caribbean on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. It’s actually a floating city with over 2,000 cabins and a passenger count of 6,000! 

Many cabins means many options to choose from – which can be overwhelming! We rely on a trusted travel advisor of many years to help make sense of our options, similar to how home buyers rely on real estate agents to guide their home purchase journeys! 

We’ve already stopped in St. Maarten and St. Thomas – shopping capitals of the Caribbean – and are now headed to the Bahamas. Stay tuned next week when I’ll be saying hello from the Western Caribbean.


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Kenda Coleman

Kenda Coleman is a Broker Associate with the Coleman Group.

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