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Coleman Group Market Scoops – March 21st

Coleman Group Market Scoops – March 21st Coleman Family + Co Portraits

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There was a constant stream of buyers through our beautiful listing at 8 Aerial Street in Lexington over the weekend.  We didn’t host an open house, but I showed this property to a steady stream of agents with their buyers. We received multiple offers and it went well over asking, as expected by the overwhelming amount of interest. The lack of inventory continues to drive asking prices, leading to many disappointed buyers. We do have more listings coming soon, as do our colleagues in and around the city. Fingers crossed that our Buyers will have more to choose from soon!


Although we saw new inventory hit the market last week, we are still seeing lower supply as compared to last year, which was already a tight market. This is likely due in part to the higher interest rates, which make it a less attractive time for homeowners that are locked into lower interest rates to sell. However, we did see a slight dip in some rates last week following the collapse of SVB, and one of my buyers was able to lock in a 4.75 ARM. Now that Spring has officially arrived, we will hopefully start to see more inventory coming on, including some Coleman Gems!


I put a beautiful unit in Southie on last week and was a bit concerned because it seemed as though inventory was sitting a little longer there. We priced it sharply for a quicker sale, but I still always get nervous, especially in ‘slower’ markets. Fortunately, we nailed the pricing, had 4 offers within the first two days and accepted a clean offer, over asking. Demand for great units is still high, but getting the pricing right remains one of the most important aspects of marketing a home! 


It’s been a crazy few days! Inventory is picking up but it is definitely still low in many areas and many properties are receiving multiple offers. My buyers are thrilled to have had their offer accepted on 18 Autumn Lane in Wayland (yet another multiple offer situation)! This 1.8 acre property is so unique and one of my favorite homes so far this year. We’ve been calling it “the Ski Lodge” because of its homey apres ski feel and the breathtaking, architecturally designed nature views visible from every room. I had two other buyers considering properties in Acton and Westford – ultimately they both decided to hold off and not make offers but I’m curious what these two properties ultimately end up selling for as both were very busy with tons of interest. Lastly, I’ll be meeting with two sets of sellers this week to discuss bringing their homes to market later this spring (both in Woburn, one a condo and the other a house). 


Other than our beautiful Coleman Gems that were listed this past week, the inventory continues to be lacking (and in some cases lackluster!).  I have buyers eager to buy, but the inventory has been disappointing for them.  I always advise, “Don’t buy just to buy…”  Even though there can be lots of frustration in the short term, if you wait for the right house to come along, your patience will pay off!  Nobody likes experiencing buyer’s remorse!


And, don’t forget the skylights when washing the windows! There is so much prep that we at the Coleman Group put into listing a home – no detail is left to chance and we sit in the driver’s seat to ensure all prep work (landscaping, repairs, painting, cleaning, staging, etc.) is done – a coordination service that we provide to our sellers as a luxury real estate company. Today, I’m reviewing detailed staging plans for a home in Marstons Mills so it’s magazine-ready to hit the market in April. Staging makes all the difference to allow a home to put its best foot forward – and – it’s a cost that the Coleman Group covers!


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Liesl Victoria (“Tory”) Finn

Tory is a Broker Associate with the Coleman Group.

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