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Coleman Group Market Scoops – October 20th

Coleman Group Market Scoops – October 20th Coleman Award   FEED

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Team News

We are honored to share the exciting news that William Raveis welcomed us to their Platinum Elite Club Level again this year, putting the Coleman Group in the top 1% of agents companywide. Thank you to all of our loyal clients for helping us achieve this milestone~ we couldn’t have accomplished it without you!


It was a very busy week with many showings at 19 Hastings Road in Lexington! This is a wonderful property built by Bob Phelan and a real pleasure to show. The big news is our new listing at 745 Summer Street in Arlington! This sweet home hits the market today and is a fantastic opportunity to get into highly desirable Arlington for under $600,000!  Arlington has 27 active listings available at an average price of $1,353,659. 

There were many great new listings that came on this week in Lexington, Concord, Carlisle and Arlington. It was terrific to see all the new options for buyers~  The best listings from the week are already pending. Just saying, the market is still hoppin’ as the leaves are droppin’.


It was a beautiful fall weekend for showings, with many great new listings that came on! I had buyers looking in Carlisle that had their offer accepted late Tuesday night on a gorgeous 4 bedroom Colonial set on 2 acres, abutting conservation. They were up against one other offer, proving that there is still competition out there for the best homes. Still, we were able to win with contingencies, which has been rare in this market until the last few weeks. Although rates are still creeping up, I found a 30 year fixed for 5.375% with 15% down on a purchase of $1.5M, so it is definitely worth shopping to find the best rate!


There is just no telling in this market! I was speaking with another agent who had a house in Tewksbury last week and she got a ton of offers and went way over asking, but had a really nice condo in Melrose and saw no action. Buyers can’t depend on being the only offer on a home or on getting a deal. It is more important now than ever to closely watch the market and know if there is competition before submitting an offer. We are seeing offers with contingencies win, which is a welcome change from last spring! As for sellers we see a continued need for realignment of expectations with the current market as even good deals can sit – with that in mind our condo at 91 Capen is still available and is an incredible deal for whoever ends up stepping up to the plate! 


Been working with a couple looking to purchase a home in Lexington/Arlington and there have been some great properties hitting the market this week! While this week was more of a “getting to know the area” kind of week for them, it was really great from a fact finding perspective and they definitely got some great insight into how the market is flowing in these areas. It’s always great to go see as many things in person as you can because you never really know how something will “feel” until you do a walk through. We saw 4 places, and 3 of them are already pending so the market is definitely still hot in these areas when something is priced well and has a lot of interest – definitely drives home (no pun intended!) that it’s important for buyers to get in quickly to see houses they like AND be ready to move fast with offers. Also, unrelated but I am really excited to see Liesl’s Medford listing hitting the market this week! 


I am excited to report that 71 Dexter St Unit B in Medford is on the market!  This is a huge 4 bedroom townhouse on the Medford/Somerville line.  It’s a wide townhouse, too!  No tall & narrow vibes here.  There is a yard, solar panels and tons of natural light inside.  Listed at $1,090,000.

I’ve been continuing to work with buyers looking for the perfect spot and the good news is that it’s much easier for buyers to get home inspections these days!  I love learning something from every home inspection I attend.


Clients of mine recently expressed interest in a home that kept popping on/off the market. Upon further investigation, I learned one of the detractors of this home/street was it is on the Hanscom Field flight path. (Whether this affected the home’s market attractiveness is not known.) It made me think – how can buyers (and agents) learn about flight paths in areas surrounding airports? Bottom line, it doesn’t appear you can find something specific about air traffic noise on a particular street/town. A buyer’s best bet is working with an informed real estate agent who is familiar with the area or knows who to ask to get this info.

For the record, Hansom has six monitors that include microphones and equipment that collect noise readings at the end of runways in each of the 4 adjoining towns (in addition to 2 on the field). Massport collects the data and shares it monthly with the community, in such forums as the Hanscom Field Advisory Committee whose minutes including high-level noise metrics can be found in online public records – very generic. Hanscom also encourages pilots to follow quiet flying techniques.

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