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Common Home Styles Selling in Lexington and the Greater Boston Area

Common Home Styles Selling in Lexington and the Greater Boston Area scott webb 1ddol8rgUH8 unsplash

What are the most common home styles in the Greater Boston area you ask? Although real estate markets fluctuate with the times, there are always certain types of homes that remain in high demand. So, whether you are a traditionalist that is seeking more typical New England architectural styles or a modernist that prefers sleek, minimalist designs, below are some styles you might want to keep on your radar during your next foray into the Lexington real estate market.

Cape Cod Style Homes

You don’t have to live on the Cape to appreciate the style elements of a traditional Cape Cod home. A Cape home reflects the practical nature of our Puritan forebears. The classic Cape has an austere exterior that belies the array of amenities that may lie behind the front door.

The central fireplace that is de rigueur in Cape Cod-style architecture is designed to provide heat to several rooms. This is always a plus when a Nor’easter blows ashore and takes down the power grid in the city or neighborhood. The steeply-pitched side-gabled roof prevents heavy accumulations of snow from damaging the roof of the home.

The Gambrel

Much like its counterpart described above, gambrel homes were designed by early American craftsmen to be very practical. The central fireplace can help heat the home and lower the family’s heating costs.

Fun Fact: The oldest gambrel roof in the United States is located right here in Massachusetts. Harvard University’s second Harvard Hall was erected back in 1677.

The Colonial for Traditionalists

This New England architectural style will never go out of favor here in Lexington. Rectangular and boxy, colonial homes can almost sell themselves because anyone wanting to live in a traditional New England colonial-style house will feel right at home in one of many upscale colonial homes for sale here in and around Lexington.

New England Saltbox

Here’s yet another example of Early American architecture with a great story behind it. In colonial times, England’s Queen Anne demanded taxes be paid on homes in the colonies that were larger than a single story.

But crafty builders designed the deeply sloped back roof to rise only to the level of a single-story home. Thus, the colonists were able to build larger homes for their expanding families and still be able to legally dodge paying taxes.

Those looking for saltbox homes for sale can find them in and around Lexington.

New England Bungalows

The closer you get to the sea, the more bungalows you will find on the Massachusetts real estate market. But just because Lexington is not quite a coastal town doesn’t mean you can’t find bungalow-style homes for sale in the region.

These homes typically are either a story or a story-and-a-half. Many are equipped with airy loft spaces, each of which typically has a wraparound or deep front porches that are perfect for sitting outside with friends and family on long summer nights.

Brick and Shingle

Looking for old homes for sale that don’t look so, well, old? Few believe that this majorly renovated and updated brick and shingle home just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Concord was built way back in 1896.

Perched above the Assabet River, this picturesque six-bedroom home is perfect for large families.

Mid-Century Modern in Massachusetts? You betcha!

Mid-century modern homes comprise stylistic elements from the 1940s through the mid-70s. While they are quite different artistically and architecturally from the traditional New England architectural styles, they have an allure for those with fond memories of or feelings for the Don Draper era.

Your Lexington real estate agent can keep you abreast of good deals on mid-century modern homes for sale in the area and the neighborhoods in which you are most likely to find these gems. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds with the Condo Lifestyle

When many prospective buyers hear the “C” word, they immediately think of boxy structures several stories high. While it is true that those condo types abound, here in Lexington, you might be able to find a great deal on a unit in a condominium like this gem.

It appears to be a traditional single-family New England property. Yet within the structure, the residents have separate units that have all the amenities typically offered and expected with condominium living.

Ultra-Modern Architectural Condominiums

If you want to live in a futuristic detached condo with four levels and modern amenities, you won’t see a finer option than this one situated in nearby Cambridge. Don’t hesitate too long, however, as it is sure to be sold and taken off the market soon.

Contemporary Architecture

Not all those looking for homes for sale in Lexington seek older styles from past centuries. Contemporary, multi-level designs have a linear flow that allows for separate spaces yet allows a fluid and seamless transition into open family areas.

Sleek and spacious, these homes tend to get snapped up quickly once they get on the market.

Queen Anne Victorian Homes

You certainly can find plenty of Queen Anne Victorian homes out on the West Coast in San Francisco, but there are some fine Victorian homes for sale right here as well. If you are fond of lead-glass windows, turrets, towers, wraparound porches, gingerbread trim, and multi-angled roofs, a Queen Anne Victorian home might be in your future.


No post on top-selling architectural styles in Massachusetts would be complete without the inclusion of the triple-decker. These three-family stacked homes are a staple in many neighborhoods in nearby Boston.

Often purchased as an investment property, a triple-decker is the perfect option when you want nearby but separate housing for extended family members, including aging parents or 30-somethings with children. That still gives you the option of renting a level to an unrelated tenant to help cover your monthly mortgage payments.

Tailor Your Search for a Home in Lexington, Massachusetts

While looking for real estate here in Middlesex County or in the Greater Boston Area, seek guidance from one of  Coleman Group‘s knowledgeable and experienced real estate agents. We will help you find the perfect home for you and your family!

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