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Gratitude for 2021 ~ Thank you to all of our incredible clients!

Gratitude for 2021 ~ Thank you to all of our incredible clients! Coleman Family   Shoot 2

The 2021 results are in and the Coleman Group had a record breaking year, selling over $109M in real estate! This year we were able to help our sellers get an average of 112% over their list price, while helping our buyers win in one of the most competitive markets we have ever seen. We are very proud of this incredible accomplishment, and want to take a moment to thank our clients~ It is our relationships with you and your trust in us that make us love our job!

To our Buyers: What an insane and frustrating year. We were continually surprised by what homes were selling for, we lost in bidding wars against up to 40 other offers, but we finally did it! We found amazing homes for your families, whether is be in the city or suburbs, and we all breathed collective breath of gratitude. Thank you for your faith in us!

To our Sellers: Thank you for trusting us with the sale of your home, having confidence in our process, and letting us turn your lives upside down by making you move out for a week while we moved all your stuff around, staged and held showings. You were patient and worked your tails off on our infamous to-do lists and were absolute rockstars! We are impressed and truly appreciative that you chose to partner with us on the sale of such large investments!

To all of you: Thank you! We are so grateful to have such incredible clients and friends. Check out the graphic below for an overview of all the ground we covered together this year!

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Kenda Coleman

Kenda Coleman is a Broker Associate with the Coleman Group.

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