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How Long Does the Average Homebuyer Search Take?

How Long Does the Average Homebuyer Search Take? How Long does the Average Homebuyer Search 1

Gosh, I get this question all the time. Usually, it is in the context of a buyer either feeling like they are taking too long to find a home, or as though they are rushing into something. The truth is there is no right answer, and the length of the search varies based on personality, decision making style, and search parameters.

Seriously, I have had clients buy the first weekend out, and others that have searched for the right home for years. As a buyer’s rep the most important thing for my clients to understand is that there is no agent imposed deadline, and they should not feel pressured to buy something because they feel as though they have been house hunting for ‘too long.’ A home purchase timeline should be determined only by your level of comfort with the market.

I understand that there are some outside elements (leases are up, relocation into the area etc.) that can come into play, but renewing your lease is better than purchasing a home you do not like in a town that you don’t want to live in. So, be at peace with renting a little longer, and try not to put any unnecessary pressure on yourself if you don’t have to. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself!

Now, how will you know when you are ready to buy? It may sound crazy, but I tell my clients all the time “when you know, you know.” It is very much like ‘Say Yes to the Dress.’ One day you will walk in a home and say ‘this is THE one,’ and your mother will start crying and tell you how beautiful you look… well, maybe not that part. Once this happens, the challenge will be locking it down!

I suppose the point here is that purchasing a home is a big investment, and as a buyer you should absolutely never feel pressured into just buying something because you ‘guess it works well enough.’ You are going to find the right home for you, it just might take more patience than you planned.

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Kenda Coleman is a Broker Associate with the Coleman Group.

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